It's been a very busy period since the last update at Mr. Mo Records. As you might be aware, we are currently operating out of Brooklyn, NY until sometime in early 2016. During that time, I've been fortunate enough to DJ at a couple spots in NYC (thanks to You Love Poon & DJ Color TV), and am currently in the process of finishing an edits/remix compilation featuring various artists. There is also some new original music on the horizon with the talented vocalist/musician/songwriter Na'Cir Jahmill, so be on the lookout for that early 2016 as well.

Speaking of edits, here is the first of a monthly series of edits and remixes that will lead up to the compilation in early 2016. Our latest release, "Fingerprints" (Mo Serious Edit)" is re-rub of the mentioned track from Melbourne-based soul super quartet, Hiatus Kaiyote. Be sure to support the original & peep the rest of their album, "Choose Your Weapon". You won't regret it! As of this posting (a day since uploading & sending out the promos), the response has way exceeded expectations & is greatly appreciated. Huge thanks to those who have supported so far! Another huge thanks to KCRW's own Anthony Valadez for supporting the "Fingerprints" edit the day it was released on his Monday night/morning show. Be sure to tune into that as well!

The turntables have finally been shipped to NY, which means another episode of our "Nighttime Manuevers" podcast should be out before the end of 2015, along with another edit/remix in mid-December. As always, we'll be sure to keep you posted via our mailing list (subscribe on our home page) & on this news page as well. Until next time... - Mo


Many thanks to those of you who have supported our first 7" vinyl release under Mr. Mo Records. Huge thanks to KCRW's own Anthony Valadez for debuting both sides of the release on his program this past August. Be sure to out his weekly show every Monday/Tuesday from 12am-3am on 89.9 FM KCRW in Los Angeles & streaming on KCRW.com. The last copies are still available via Bandcamp & as a free download below. The next release is currently in the mixing stages & will be a compilation of edits/remixes from myself and other artists that I'm excited to share when completed, followed by some original releases soon after. Our "Nighttime Maneuvers" podcast will also be returning with a new episode and a roster of special guests very soon as well.

Get MRMO45-001 7" vinyl and free download here:
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I will also be temporarily leaving Los Angeles for a few months for NYC to continue building the label & get some releases finished there as well. I will be in these cites during the following dates & hope to see some familiar faces while I'm there, as well as set up a couple of small events:

- Phoenix, AZ: Sept. 25th - Oct. 1st
- El Paso, TX: Oct. 2nd - Oct 12th
- New York City, NY: Oct. 13th - Early 2016

...which includes the event above if you are in the El Paso area October 10th. Many thanks to our good friend Fred Peña for providing the spot (and empty pool/dancefloor). If you got the email for the "September Babies" event in LA, this will be similar in spirit (though in a much bigger venue). 21+, BYOB, and free 7" MRMO45-001 vinyl for the first 10 guests. That's all for now, more to come very soon. - Mo

Test Pressings & "Nighttime Maneuvers" Episode #03

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who has offered their support and time to this new label venture. As cliche as it might sound, none of this would be possible without the different levels of support and encouragement we've received, so a huge thanks for that. Things here at Mr. Mo Records are chugging along, and I'd like to take some time to update our supporters on what we've been up to since the launch.

As of this posting, it's been about a month since the label site launch & a new episode of our "Nighttime Maneuvers" Podcast. In case you missed it, we had a very special guest based out of London who goes by the name of Oh-Death. His set (which clocks in at a very healthy hour and 45 minutes) captures the essence of what the show is about, and I highly recommend you check it out just for his set alone if you haven't already. A new episode is in the works so if you haven't subscribed, feel free to do so on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or iTunes to enjoy the latest episode as well as previous episodes.

This morning, I got a very special package in the mail containing the test pressings for our first 7" promo release. You can hear a quick peek of the pressing on our Instagram at @mrmorecords. It's a surreal feeling to finally have wax in your hand, but there's still many hurdles to clear before the actual releases are available. We'll just keep chugging along figuring this label thing out, and will be sure to update you as things progress.

Well, that does it for this post. We hope you'll continue to stick with us throughout our journey. Thanks! - Mo




Label Launch

I'm excited to finally take a scary step into the world of independent labels. To be honest, I have no idea what I'm doing, but neither does anybody I've come to find out. My intention with the label is to not only release music and collaborations that I've been sitting on for several years, but to be able to curate and release music from other artists that I believe should be heard, and heard in a manner that preserves their work for years to come.

As a DJ over the past 10 years, I've worked with and learned from many great artists and DJs. Their shared passion for music has inspired me to move forward with this decision, and their influence has helped shape my sound and ear. Hopefully, you'll get to hear some of those influences soon enough.

I'm also excited to resume my podcast, "Nighttime Maneuvers" again after over half a year of hard drive crashes. I'm finally more or less back up to speed, and will be bringing new episodes & special guests through on a much more consistent basis. The response from iTunes, Mixcloud, and Soundcloud has been very encouraging and is very much appreciated to say the least.

The first run of 7" records should be in within the next couple months, followed by a second run soon after. How they'll be released is in the works, but you can preview some of the tracks on this site in the meanwhile. Subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated on all future releases, and we'll be sure to let you know where you can find copies.

Thanks for stopping by this site. Here's to an exciting future. - Mo