Test Pressings & "Nighttime Maneuvers" Episode #03

First off, I'd like to thank everyone who has offered their support and time to this new label venture. As cliche as it might sound, none of this would be possible without the different levels of support and encouragement we've received, so a huge thanks for that. Things here at Mr. Mo Records are chugging along, and I'd like to take some time to update our supporters on what we've been up to since the launch.

As of this posting, it's been about a month since the label site launch & a new episode of our "Nighttime Maneuvers" Podcast. In case you missed it, we had a very special guest based out of London who goes by the name of Oh-Death. His set (which clocks in at a very healthy hour and 45 minutes) captures the essence of what the show is about, and I highly recommend you check it out just for his set alone if you haven't already. A new episode is in the works so if you haven't subscribed, feel free to do so on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, or iTunes to enjoy the latest episode as well as previous episodes.

This morning, I got a very special package in the mail containing the test pressings for our first 7" promo release. You can hear a quick peek of the pressing on our Instagram at @mrmorecords. It's a surreal feeling to finally have wax in your hand, but there's still many hurdles to clear before the actual releases are available. We'll just keep chugging along figuring this label thing out, and will be sure to update you as things progress.

Well, that does it for this post. We hope you'll continue to stick with us throughout our journey. Thanks! - Mo